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About Panama

About Panama

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Panama is booming: a major, up-and-coming, leisure destination with the fastest growing economy in North America in 2012 and #15 in the world. At a crossroads of two oceans and two continents, Panama City has become the capital of international finance, especially with the current multibillion-dollar expansion of the Panama Canal underway. Combine this dollar-based economy of favorable banking and financial conditions with 1,550 miles (2,490 km) of coastline, 1500+ islands, mountainside from seaside in less than an hour, a lively metropolis and rich cultural traditions, and you have a perfect hotspot.

  • Facts


    Enjoy a snapshot where water is as important as land, unemployment is less than 5% and legal tender is the U.S. dollar. These quick stats and facts can’t do justice to the rich, mixed heritage that has defined this tropical republic,...

  • History


    Panama’s history has been shaped by its strategic location: an intersection between two continents and two oceans. Imagine how many people crossed through this land bridge once this isthmus formed and how we continually seek to...

  • Culture


    The diasporic populations that have arrived to Panama for hundreds of years from all over the world, merging with indigenous groups to the region, have created a multiplicity and richness in identity, tradition and language that have...

  • Weather


    Panama’s weather is primarily defined by its two seasons: dry and wet, also known as summer and winter. Rainy and summer. High and low. Green and… Anyway, winter (yes, the locals call it ¨winter¨) typically lasts from May to just...

  • Cuisine


    Panama enjoys many traditional Central American staples, but also offers dishes and beverages unique to the country from breakfast to late-night snacks. Simultaneously, Panama's cuisine is strongly influenced by its diverse population,...

  • Living in Panama

    Living in Panama

    There is a reason as to why many well-traveled citizens of the world decide to make Panama their home, especially noted in the recent reverse migration of many Panamanians. Once a retirement toss-up with Costa Rica, Panama is booming,...