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Panama’s cuisine is strongly influenced by its diverse population. A variety of restaurants and products are in demand by Panama’s many well-versed residents and visitors, and as part of one of the world’s most important shipping routes, Panama’s restaurants and markets are able to meet this demand. Traditionally, Panama enjoys many Central American staples, but also offers dishes and beverages unique to the country from breakfast to late-night snacks.

  • Panama City Best Restaurants

    Panama City Best Restaurants

    Our Top 5 Recommendations for dining out in Panama City, Panama, as rated by our staff and including our personal recommendations. With international cuisine and many new restaurants popping up across Panama City, eating out in Panama's...

  • Recipes from Panama

    Recipes from Panama

    Panamanian cuisine is a reflection of the historical influences of several ethnic groups: Spanish, African, Amerindian (indigenous to Panama), and Afro-Antillean, among others. Kosher restaurants and burger joints are further examples...

  • Food


    Panama City offers a veritable melting pot of international cuisine thanks to its proximity to one of the world’s most important international shipping routes. Chinese, American, Greek and Latin American influences are easy to spot in...

  • Grocery Stores

    Grocery Stores

    Panama has large, modern, well-organized, U.S.-style supermarkets, carrying many familiar U.S. brands for comparable prices, if not less. Riba Smith and El Rey are among the favorites for expats and vacationers