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Enjoy a snapshot where water is as important as land, unemployment is less than 5% and legal tender is the U.S. dollar. These quick stats and facts can’t do justice to the rich, mixed heritage that has defined this tropical republic, but give you a quick glance at a beautiful portrait made by many hands.

  • Where Is Panama?

    Where Is Panama?

    The Republic of Panama is the southernmost country of Central America, with Colombia (and South America) to the southeast and Costa Rica (and North America) to the northwest. It shares a coastline with the Caribbean Sea, and Atlantic...

  • Quick Facts & Stats

    Quick Facts & Stats

    Did you know that average water temperatures are in the low to mid 80s°F (25°C)? How about that 40% of Panama´s population resides in Panama City? Learn more Panama ¨quick facts¨ here.

  • Panama Canal Expansion

    Panama Canal Expansion

    The $5.25 billion Panama Canal Expansion Project is scheduled to be completed in April 2015, and will not only tremendously benefit the Republic of Panama and its people, but will also greatly profit, influence and add competition to...

  • Geography


    Panama's geography is diverse and rich, from rugged, steep mountains of volcanic origin the largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere outside the Amazon Basin.

  • Economy of Panama

    Economy of Panama

    The economy of Panama, unlike the majority of Central American nations, is dominated by service industries like banking, commerce and tourism. The majority of the country’s commercial success can be attributed to its control over the...

  • Government


    Despite a rocky past full of corruption and excessive U.S. influence, Panama’s current democratic government has enjoyed over a decade of peaceful elections and increasing transparency, and is one of the most stable governments in...

  • National Holidays

    National Holidays

    A list of the public holidays in Panama, including the month of November celebrations that celebrate the country´s pride and patriotism.

  • 10 Amazing Facts About Panama

    10 Amazing Facts About Panama

    If you're planning a vacation to Panama, you might not know just how remarkable this amazing country really is. These Top 10 Facts give you a glimpse from Panama's impressive economy to natural wonders, although its difficult to...

  • Panama Pacifico Project

    Panama Pacifico Project

    Panama Pacífico is a Special Economic Zone and mixed-use $705 million real estate development project located across the Bridge of the Americas in Panama City´s former U.S. Air Force Base, Howard, a 15 minute drive from the downtown...

  • Employment in Panama

    Employment in Panama

    Panama is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Americas, but it's also an ideal place for professionals seeking to relocate. With a vibrant, diverse and resilient economy, Panama is an excellent place for motivated...

  • Population


    Panama population: 3,510,045 (July 2012); Growth rate: 1.41% (July 2012); Birth rate: 19.17 births/1000 population (July 2012); Death rate: 4.69/1000 population (July 2012)