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From the beautiful, silver sand beaches on the Caribbean to the rich to black volcanic sand on the Pacific coast, Panama has a beach for everyone. Enjoy average water temperatures in the low to mid 80s°F (25°C) year-round, turquoise waters and absolute tranquility. With 1,550 miles (2,490 km) of coastline, 1000+ islands off the Pacific Coast, an island for every day of the year in the Caribbean paradise of Guna Yala, and another 250+ islands/cays/islets in Bocas del Toro, find your perfect combination of sand and water.

  • Best Beaches in Panama

    Best Beaches in Panama

    Some beaches are best for diving, others for surfing; some are pleasant for a quick trip from Panama City, others merit a week of exploration and island hopping. Find the right beach for your honeymoon or for your family and children.

  • Farallón


    Farallón (fahr-ah-YHON) is often referred to as Playa Blanca, a nickname from one of the several residential resort communities for this popular vacation destination by locals and foreigners alike.

  • Playa Coronado

    Playa Coronado

    Playa Coronado is one of the closest, most decent Central Pacific beaches from Panama City at about a 1-hour drive. Formally designed as a weekend getaway for wealthy Panamanians decades ago, this established and ever-growing community...

  • Santa Clara Beach

    Santa Clara Beach

    Santa Clara Beach is ideal for a leisurely stop: swimming, volleyball, beach soccer, walking, resting and enjoying the sun on a long stretch of endless sand. Hammocks and ranchos allow for a pleasant and relaxing spot in the shade, as...

  • Punta Chame

    Punta Chame

    The sudden left off the Pan-American highway coming from Panama City indicates the start of the beach towns coming from the capital. The road leading to the beach is narrow and curvy, and takes patience to arrive at the end of the...

  • Santa Catalina

    Santa Catalina

    Located in the province of Veraguas, Santa Catalina is a small town that became a popular destination for surfers and can still be classified as a ¨hidden gem.¨