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Places To Visit

Places To Visit

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Panama is a diverse and stunning nation that offers incredible travel experiences. We’ve highlighted the most common destinations within each region to help your vacation planning. Have a look and make a list of what you’d like to see. We bet you won’t be able to fit it in all in one trip.

Panama City

Panama City has a bit of everything: historical sites, modern malls and restaurants, activities galore, parks, rainforest, casinos, golf and more. To truly learn about Panama and appreciate the development and historical backing of the nation, be sure to visit the four recommended locations below when visiting Panama City.


El Interior: the heart of Panamanian tradition

Towns and communities in the interior region of Panama, referred to as ¨El interior,¨ are known as the essence and heart of Panamanian tradition and folklore. The slower-paced lifestyles, welcoming and hospital natives, and beautiful artisan work of these coastal and nestled villages are a reflection of European, African and indigenous fusions, deep Spanish ancestry mixed with native Panamanian.  El interior is considered to be the cradle of much of Panama´s traditional music, dance and festivities, including Carnavales. Provinces Herrera, Los Santos and Veraguas all form part of Panama´s El interior. Below find some of the most commonly visited regions and communities:


Islands, Coast & Beaches

With 1,550 miles (2,490 km) of coastline, over 1000 islands off the Pacific Coast, an island for every day of the year  in the Caribbean paradise of Guna Yala,  and another 250+ islands, cays and islets in Bocas del Toro, Panama´s options for water and sand are endless. Beach aficionados will enjoy many of the destinations popular below, and the marine reserves of many of these locations feature wildlife of extraordinary beauty: miles of coral reef, humpback whales, sea turtles, dolphins, starfish, lobsters and more.


Mountains, Hills & Valleys

Go from seaside to mountainside in less than an hour, as Panama´s central spine is made up of a mountain ranges running nearly the entire length of the country, with both Atlantic and Pacific facing slopes. The Cordillera Central range (Tabasará Mountains) lies in the West and Cordillera de San Blas in the East, divided by the lower land near the central of the country home to the Panama Canal. These beautiful mountain landscapes and refreshingly cooler temperatures balance the tropical communities and numerous beaches and are well protected through many of the country´s national parks.


Indigenous Communities

Embark on the unique opportunity to visit an indigenous community within Panama and/or to learn about the distinction between these large amerindian groups.