Playa Coronado is one of the closest, most decent Central Pacific beaches from Panama City at about a 1-hour drive. Formally designed as a weekend getaway for wealthy Panamanians decades ago, this established and ever-growing community lines the beach with condos, weekend homes, pools, a large expat community and all modern conveniences. Playa Coronado is also notable for the 18-hole golf course forming part of Hotel Coronado and Equestrian Center. Game nights, bocce ball and other local community events gives this tropical location a comfortable feel. The 24-hour security gate upon the community’s entrance adds to the air of an exclusive environment. The area feels ¨lived-in¨ as many foreigners have adopted Coronado full-time due to the recently developed and now sufficient infrastructure, unlike many other beach towns that remain more private.

Coronado’s beach has a marbleized look, with swirls of black-grain sand, volcanic in origin, and referred to by locals as a “black sand beach”. Swimming is pleasant in the clear, warm waters and gentle waves, and the beaches stretch mostly uninterrupted from one town to the next, allowing for endless walks.