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Things to Do

Things to Do

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Panama’s strongest attraction is in its diversity: beaches, mountains, history, city and of course, an Eighth Wonder of the World that tourists come from far and wide to visit each year. Whether you prefer to zipline through the rainforest, hike Panama’s dormant Volcán Barú, spot biodiversity on the ocean floor or high in the tree tops, Panama boasts an activity for everyone. Not had a chance to truly appreciate the sounds of wildlife or the feel of a wave? Try it out! Have a look at what you can do to change up your routine and enjoy Panama’s best.

  • Adventure


    Panama's natural beauty can be enjoyed from a variety of angles, whether its galloping, whizzing, soaring, splashing or trekking. With experienced guides for all ages and adventure levels, pick your adrenaline rush.

  • Sports


    A country of Ironman Triathlons and worldwide surfing competitions, sports and other outdoor activities take priority. Tour the countryside as you bike up and around a volcano, tee off in an all-inclusive resort or catch fresh tuna to...

  • Explore Nature

    Explore Nature

    As the ¨Bridge of the Americas,¨ Panama is home to many species that were originally indigenous to one of its two continental neighbors, in addition to its own endemic forms of life, making Panama one of the most inherently diverse...

  • Leisure Activities

    Leisure Activities

    Panama is an oasis of natural materials and resources that hone in on the desire for deep relaxation. Relish a seaside massage or a mineral rich thermal spring bath.

  • Tours


    For the utmost insight and education about your favorite adventure, leisure, sport and/or nature activity, a guided tour is just the ticket. Ask questions that your search engine cannot always solve and get relevant, up-to-date,...

  • Entertainment


    Nightlife in Panama is excellent, particularly in Panama City. Enjoy a round of Blackjack in one of the country's many casinos, a $3 movie ticket, poolside cocktails or all of the above.