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Have you ever experienced the rush of twists, dips and dives as you paddle under a jungle canopy? What about gliding along turquoise waters in a sea kayak as you watch the movement of marine floor? Panama’s natural beauty can be enjoyed from a variety of angles, whether its galloping, whizzing, soaring, splashing or trekking. With experienced guides for all ages and adventure levels, pick your adrenaline rush..and bring a sturdy camera!

  • Ziplining


    Canopy tours are a thrilling way to see the forests of Panama from a bird's eye view. Tour operators attach large platforms to some of the tallest trees in the forest, and connect these raised platforms with ziplines.

  • Kayaking


    There is no better way to experience the stunning natural beauty of the Panamanian landscape than by kayak. Panama is home to some of the mightiest rivers in Central America, and also has its fair share of