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Nightlife in Panama is excellent, particularly in Panama City. Old favorites and up-and-coming venues are bustling, whether its a Tuesday or a Saturday. Wine bars, rooftop terraces and flamenco shows: it’s all part of Panama City, and each with its own flare and distinction. Enjoy a round of Blackjack in one of the country’s many casinos, a $3 movie ticket, poolside cocktails or all of the above. Daytime is also perfect for a trip to one of many malls for upscale shopping. In Panama, going out to shows, concerts, malls, restaurants and bars is an active part of life, and most visitors rapidly become accustomed to and enjoy.

  • Shopping in Panama

    Shopping in Panama

    Payless Shoes to Jimmy Choos, open-air artisanal markets to established souvenir shops, $2.99 shirt bins to Armani, chinitos (Chinese-owned mini-markets) to gluten-free pasta: Panama has something for everyone.

  • Panama City Nightlife

    Panama City Nightlife

    Panama City is known for its vibrant nightlife: from the stylish, hip lounges of Panama City’s Casco Viejo, to the laid back wine bars and pubs dispersed throughout the city. As a fun group of in-country expats, we are happy to...