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For the utmost insight and education about your favorite adventure, leisure, sport and/or nature activity, a guided tour is just the ticket. Ask questions that your search engine cannot always solve and get relevant, up-to-date, in-country information. Who started adding milk and sugar to coffee? Why does the local captain have to steer the ship through the Canal? Let your guide orient you to your new surroundings as you explore the country.

  • Top 5 Things To Do in Panama

    Top 5 Things To Do in Panama

    Panama is a stunning country with much to see and do, but for the uninitiated, the sheer variety of activities you can do here can be a little overwhelming. If you're planning a Panama vacation, check out our list of the top five things...

  • Panama City Tours

    Panama City Tours

    One of the best ways to visit Panama City is through a guided sightseeing tour. With important historical landmarks and constant changes to the modern landscape, an informed guide keeps travelers up-to-date and well-acquainted.