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Travel Information

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Will my phone work in Panama? How do people call me, and how do I call out? Where will I have reception? Do I need a visa? Should I tip – when and how much? Traveling to another country can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to basic communication and knowing the basics of how to travel safely with your family, alone, as a senior citizen or college explorer. Use this guide to properly prepare for your trip and answer your questions – and don’t worry, you can even get cell phone signal on an island.

  • Panama Visa Types

    Panama Visa Types

    Compared to some other countries, the legal requirements for visiting Panama are pretty straightforward. Before you get ready to set off on the vacation of a lifetime, check out our top tips for visa requirements and other useful...

  • What To Pack

    What To Pack

    From the cloudforest to a night on the town in the city, we have your ultimate packing list. Despite the heat you will find that most residents opt for light pants or jeans, especially when walking the streets, though you may want to...