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The diasporic populations that have arrived to Panama for hundreds of years from all over the world, merging with indigenous groups to the region, have created a multiplicity and richness in identity, tradition and language that have shaped today’s Republic of Panama. This crossroads continues, as more people make their home in Panama, each bringing a wealthy background. As a continuous point of contact and inherent cross-cultural identity, the people in Panama in even the most rural of destinations are accustomed to visitors and open dialogue with people who might end up making this their home.

  • Cultural Melting Pot

    Cultural Melting Pot

    As a meeting point in the history of the countries of Latin America, Panama is a country forged by various cultures and traditions that come together to create a unique complexity and exotic environment. The country’s ethnic diversity...

  • Panama Hat

    Panama Hat

    Despite being one of the most iconic symbols of Panama, the Panama hat in fact originated in Ecuador. Straw hats in what is today as known as the “Panama style” became an essential part of daily wear for Ecuadorians in the mid-1800s.

  • Art


    From the traditional indigenous molas to modern frescoes to the varied architectural styles of the capital city’s towering skyscrapers, Panama is itself a work of art.

  • The Guna Indians (Kuna Indians)

    The Guna Indians (Kuna Indians)

    The Guna Indians (formerly known as the ¨Kuna¨ or ¨Cuna¨) are the amerindios, or indigenous people, of Panama and Colombia. The Guna primarily live between three politically autonomous reservations in Panama, called comarcas, most...

  • Top 5 Cultural Events in Panama

    Top 5 Cultural Events in Panama

    With a diverse and fascinating culture, there are endless ways to experience and learn more about Panama. Here are our list of Top 5 Cultural Events in Panama that you simply must try to check out when you're in Panama!

  • Panama Carnival

    Panama Carnival

    Carnival has become a very popular activity in Panama, attracting visitors from all over the world, who come less for the religious themes and more for the festive environment in bars, restaurants and lounges all over the country....