The wealth the first conquistadors were looking for when they set foot in Panama was right in front of them. Up until this day, Panama’s incredible awe-inspiring diversity encourages exploration. This country offers you from bustling city entertainment and picturesque islands. Pick your adventure of choice!

It takes less than a day to reach any location in Panama. Visit the Panama Canal, considered one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels. Built in 1914, the Canal is not only one of Panama’s main source of income – it is also a tourist destination you can’t miss. Panama City is a feat in itself. Explore a city with world class infrastructure and booming nightlife.

Mix the thrill of a cosmopolitan Panama City with the modest lifestyle of the coastlines. You can dip your toes in both the Atlantic and the Caribbean in less than an hour. Amaze yourself with its exotic tropical rain forests and dense mountain ranges. The never ending rain forests make this an excellent destination for adventure-seekers.

The more you discover Panama, the more you know about its Spanish colonial history and its people. Talk to the calypsonians on the Caribbean peninsula or explore one of the seven native cultures in their own reserves. Panamanians are among the friendliest people on Earth!

If you’re looking for a thrilling vacation, Panama is the right place for you! Take a look at our favorite hot spots, and decide what’s on your bucket list first to visit!

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