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Panama’s history has been shaped by its strategic location: an intersection between two continents and two oceans. Imagine how many people crossed through this land bridge once this isthmus formed, how flora and fauna were interchanged between the two land masses, influencing and inspiring the wildlife enjoyed today, and how we continually seek to improve this oceanic link. From an original walkway to an expanding canal, the world continues to value of Panama’s unique position.

  • The Panama Invasion

    The Panama Invasion

    In 1989, the United States invaded Panama on an operation called Operation Just Cause. The invasion occurred during George Bush’s administration, a decade after the ratification of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties which ratified that...

  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal

    The idea of a canal in the middle of the American continent began almost immediately after the continent was first discovered. The Spanish crown realized that by finding a path through the Isthmus of Panama they would gain military and...

  • History of Panama

    History of Panama

    Panama’s history has been shaped by its strategic location between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. The native Cuevas and Cocole tribes quickly disappeared after the Spanish arrived with their weapons and diseases in the early...

  • Economic Growth in Panama in the 21st Century

    Economic Growth in Panama in the 21st Century

    Panama has one of the most dynamic and resilient economies in the Americas, and this is evident based on how much the country's economy has grown in the past several decades. With a diverse and vibrant economy as well as a history of...