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National Parks

National Parks

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Nearly 30% of Panama is protected through national parks, wildlife refuges and reserves. Every year, there are more efforts to combine scientific research with local and indigenous knowledge, and aid in the overall conservation and appreciation of these biodiverse areas. Nearly 1000 species of birds, 231 mammals and 200+ reptiles and amphibians make their home in Panama. From archeological pre-Colombian ruins, former penal colonies and WWII bombing sites, to untouched diving locations and mountain peaks, these protected areas all enjoy rich ecosystems that reveal Panama’s rich cultural and natural foundations. 


  • Soberania National Park

    Soberania National Park

    With close proximity to Panama´s capital at just 15 miles north of Panama City, Soberania National Park is 48,287 acres of protected rainforest. Offering some of the most accessible outdoor recreational opportunities in Panama, this...

  • Cerro Hoya National Park

    Cerro Hoya National Park

    From seaside waters to mountain peaks, Cerro Hoya National Park presents a diverse and insulated ecosystem on the Southwest Coast of the Azuero Peninsula in Veraguas and Los Santos provinces, 220 mi (350 km) from Panama City. The zone...

  • Coiba Island National Park

    Coiba Island National Park

    Coiba Island is Central America´s largest island, located in the province of Veraguas and a mere 25 minute flight from Panama City. The movement to create a National Park to preserve its biodiversity and immense wildlife came to...

  • Santa Fe National Park

    Santa Fe National Park

    Nestled in the Panamanian Highlands of Veraguas, the pleasant climate, beautiful mountain scenery and abundant wildlife of Santa Fe National Park makes for a relaxing outdoor adventure.

  • Barú Volcano National Park

    Barú Volcano National Park

    Volcán Barú is a dormant, but potentially active volcano, with the last eruption between 400-550 years ago. It stands at 11,398 ft (3,474 m) and is located 35 km off the Costa Rican border in the cool highlands of Panama´s Chiriqui...