From seaside waters to mountain peaks, Cerro Hoya National Park presents a diverse and insulated ecosystem on the Southwest Coast of the Azuero Peninsula in Veraguas and Los Santos provinces, 220 mi (350 km) from Panama City. The zone is volcanic in origin and the birthplace of 10 important regional rivers as it has the highest peak on the Azuero Peninsula, composed of the oldest rock in the country. Cerro Hoya National Park serves as an important hydrological reserve, with crystal-clear ponds and amazing waterfalls flowing through the mountainside.

Flora and fauna are in abundance throughout the moist tropical rainforest along the coast to the low mountain rainforest at its peak. The ocelot (also known as a dwarf leopard) and the puma make their home in Cerro Hoya, the only region in the country in which they can still be found. With a variety of monkeys, some indigenous to the area, jaguars, white tail deer, margays, 150+ species of birds, and almost 50 species of fish, this environmentally protected enclave is booming with tropical sounds and endangered species.

Waterfalls, rivers, mountains, coral reefs, cliffs and mangrove swamps: Cerro Hoya is one of the least explored areas on the Azuero Peninsula, but from coast liine to mountains, has it all. Bird-watching, hiking, observations of seasonal whale migrations and camping all make for a harmonious trip with nature.

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