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Panama City Best Restaurants

Panama City Best Restaurants

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As a capital city, Panama City truly does present top-dining choices for cut prices. More restaurants keep sprouting up all over the city as a result of being Latin America’s fastest growing economy. A common topic of conversation among local expats (including our staff) is what restaurants are new. This turnover keeps standards high, with higher and higher expectations from customers. Dining out in Panama City is exciting: prices are relatively affordable for a capital city (think U.S. prices) with fresh food (especially seafood and produce). Most of the capital’s best restaurants are family-owned and tend to have their owners on-site, sometimes even in the kitchen as the chef.

Just as much as prices and cuisine can vary, so can service. Below are our staff recommendations, made exclusively for those traveling through Panama. We base our recommendation based on a restaurant’s service, great quality food and to give you a happy travel experience in Panama’s capital.

Top 5 Staff Recommendations:

After much debate, our PLV team has compiled a list of our Top 5 Recommendations (in no particular order) that promise not to disappoint:

Other Top Staff Picks: