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Top Tips

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Why was Panama listed as #1 in Places to Go in 2012 by the New York Times? And what do you do when you’re actually here? This Central American nation may be small (smaller than the U.S. state of South Carolina!), but offers diverse and unimaginable opportunities. Learn which islands to visit, activities are must-do and when to come based on what you are looking for. Just remember, you may not have time to fit it all in one trip.

  • What Do I Do in Panama?

    What Do I Do in Panama?

    Whether you´re into coffee, birding, golf, beach, history, fashion, food, dance, the arts or nightlife, you can comfortably do many of your activities from home while in Panama, start your own if you haven´t found it in your area or...

  • Panama Currency

    Panama Currency

    Panama’s currency is known as the Balboa, which has a 1:1 exchange rate with the U.S. dollar. Despite having its own name, the currency is the exact same bill as the U.S. dollar, though separate Panamanian coins of the same value,...

  • Why Choose Panama?

    Why Choose Panama?

    Panama is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With a rich history, fascinating culture and a variety of historic sights, Panama is the perfect vacation destination for you and your family. When you're planning your...

  • Places To Visit

    Places To Visit

    Panama City has a bit of everything, while the countryside, affectionately known as ¨El Interior¨ offers the essence and heart of Panamanian tradition and folklore. The islands, coasts and beaches; mountains, hills and valleys; and...