Why Choose Us to Plan Your Panama Vacation?

1. Value

  • We are local experts and know every hotel and tour we sell first-hand
  • Insider knowledge ensures you make the most of your trip
  • Maximize fun time and minimize hassles, mistakes and travel time

2. First Class Service

  • We meet you at the airport and are on-call during your stay
  • Something goes awry or plans change, we’re here to help. We have contacts at all hotels and tour operators and our bilingual staff can help you out of any difficult situation.
  • Displeased with your lodging? We’re you’re advocate. We do not promote hotels that leave us with unsatisfied customers.

3. We’re Your “Easy Button”

  • We plan, you relax
  • We ask you our 10 essential questions, then provide several tailor made itineraries for you to choose from
  • You arrive, our representative provides you with all your reservation details, and you’re off!

4. Locally Based

  • We’re full-time IN Panama, we don’t have to memorize hotel websites because we’ve actually been to the destinations we sell.

5. Insider Knowledge

  • We know every hotel and tour we sell first hand.
  • We’re experts in assessing your needs and building the perfect vacation.

6. Customized Trips

  • We cater to individuals and small groups, not large “cattle tours”

7. Experience

  • Nearly 10 years in the business

8. Trust

  • Registered with the local tourism chamber, respected in the industry
  • Thousands of satisfied clients

9. Price Match

  • We charge the same rates as hotels and tours, so our service to you is in fact free.

10. Comfort & Safety

  • We meet you at the airport, reserve only trusted hotel, tour and transportation partners, and are on-call during your stay