i.   Panama Vacations S.A., a Panamanian Corporation has the right to change or terminate the conditions of the guarantee at any time without prior notice. We will honor the terms of the guarantee as stated at the time of payment.

ii. Payment of the vacation must be made in a timely fashion based on the terms and conditions of payment to acquire our guarantee.  If payment is not made in a timely fashion then the guarantee is void.

iii. The Panama Vacations Guarantee is implicit on client’s agreement to the vacation’s “terms and conditions.”

iv. In order to qualify for our guarantee you must contact and inform our Customer Service Department via telephone or e-mail within 48 hours of the situation occurring otherwise the guarantee will not be applied.

v. The reservations are deemed confirmed when you receive the confirmation e-mail from your sales representative 48-72 hours after reserving your vacation. The Guarantee is applicable from this point onward.

General Exclusions:

We promise to never mark up prices above the listed rates of hotels and tour providers, except for force majeure (national economic crisis).

Panama Vacations cannot be held liable for situations that are not under our control.  This includes but is not limited to: inclement weather conditions, flight delays, lost luggage, missed transfers, National Authorities regulations, activities in public areas, etc.

As Panamanian addresses often include references to landmarks, commercial centers, etc. that can be closed at any time, we cannot be held accountable for any related inconveniences.

The Guarantee is not applicable between the time of booking and the confirmation e-mail being sent to you with all the confirmation details on.

Specific Exclusions:

Photos on our website are the most recent representation of each property provided to us by our Partners. The rooms and property may look different due to regular wear and tear, weather conditions or recent renovations.

The guarantee does not apply in the case of the closure of any hotels, rentals or tour agencies after the time of booking.

Panama Vacations cannot guarantee that hotels will provide all services listed that vary based on hotel occupancy and operation policies. This includes bed type, free shuttle services and access to all hotel facilities.

The estimated travel time that is provided in your itinerary may vary according to stops made en route to your destination, road conditions, traffic, group size and/or special needs of passengers.

When regular or “non-private” tours are booked, it is common for other guests not in your party to participate. Panama Vacations is not responsible for the number of people that go, as it is outside of our control.

Although it is Panama Vacations’ mission is to provide our clients with the best service we cannot guarantee that all drivers are English speaking.

Special gifts or treatment for honeymooners is an exclusive service that many hotels provide; however we cannot guarantee that all hotels during your stay will have this option available.

If between the time of booking and the itinerary being confirmed something on the itinerary changes due to availability this does not fall under the terms of guarantee.