Aguadulce both refers to a district and city in the province of Coclé located 2.5 hours, 120 miles, from Panama City. The region is best known for its production of sugar and salt from the vast sugar cane fields and salt flats that dominate the area. The ¨Salt & Sugar Museum¨ residing in Aguadulce´s town center serves to reaffirm the strong agricultural ties that have influenced the lifestyle, traditions and customs of this district. Jumbo shrimp farms are also a primary industry in Aguadulce.

June 24 is the annual celebration for the patron saint of Aguadulce, San Juan Bautista, in which folkloric dance, parades, traditional dress and even bullfights. October brings another larger annual holiday in honor of the official foundation of Aguadulce in 1848. Similar festivities of food, dance and music fill the town square and main avenue and visitors have the opportunity to try many local dishes and traditional foods of the region, including corn fritters and sancocho de gallina, Panama´s delicious chicken soup.

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