Less than an hour flight from Panama City and 31 mi (50 km) from the Costa Rican border, David (pronounced ¨dah-VEED¨) is the third largest city in Panama and capital of Chiriqui, one of Panama´s richest provinces. With its proximity to Costa Rica and easy accessibility by plane, bus and car, David is a vital international trading center. The principal economic activities of agriculture, cattle-farming, manufacturing, communications and technology have generated an affluent workforce for hospitals, hotels, boutique shops, businesses, shopping centers and school systems, including the resident university, la Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí. The city is structurally well-maintained and has a high rate of employment.

New shops and services are constantly opening to accommodate the large and growing expat community. The combination of a low cost of living, rapid modernization, convenience and regional identity has been seen as a world of potential by many travelers who now call David their home. The nightlife, restaurants and routine weekend trips to the surfable waves of nearby beaches have been pastimes adopted even by locals, a surprising contrast to the rest of the country´s leisure time activities. Idyllic temperatures in neighboring mountain towns of Boquete and Volcán allow for a diverse exposure of foods, wildlife and landscape.

One of the destinations most visited within Panama, David also is home to the International Trade and Agriculture Fair, an annual festival hosted every March exhibiting regional products and services. La Feria Internacional is a great place to learn about Panamanian traditions through the 11 days of activities and events.

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