Panama’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY) is affectionately known as “the Hub of the Americas” because of its strategic location and the country’s constant industrial and commercial growth. Panama City is becoming a much more interesting option as a destination and/or headquarter for business or pleasure trips.

Every year, dozens of airlines sign contracts with Panamanian authorities in order to have direct flights from prominent cities to PTY. In the past few years, direct flights to/from Porto Alegre, Amsterdam, Boston and Toronto (and Paris as of November 25, 2013) have been inaugurated. As of 2013, there is discussion to offer flights to Tokyo and several cities in Brazil.

At the moment the following airlines offer direct flights to Panama City from various destinations:

Nature Air
Spirit Airlines
Continental Airlines
American Airlines
Air Castilla
Dutch Antilles Express
Iberia Airlines
Condor Air

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