One of the most inhabited volcanic valleys in the world, El Valle de Antón (commonly referred to as ¨El Valle¨ among both locals and foreigners, and occasionally ¨Anton Valley¨ among expats) is a quaint and charming 7 square-mile village that has thrived to become a one-of-a-kind resort. El Valle is most frequently visited for the inherently cleansing qualities of the region´s volcanic mud baths and thermal pools. Deep-tissue massages, spas and yoga retreat centers are also enjoyed by many, in addition to the hikes, waterfalls, organic farms, canopy tours, flora and fauna observatories and more that El Valle intrinsically offers.

Return to a simplistic and balanced style of living, reflected in the local resident´s use of bicycles as a common form of transportation in El Valle´s flat terrain. The town center´s daily marketplace offers much more than fresh produce, but handmade paintings, baskets and indigenous crafts made by the Guna women, in addition to other beautiful pieces of art and design. With an ever-growing number of family-owned restaurants, cafés, bakeries and more, a wide variety of natural cuisine, including local cooking classes, is designed for residents and visitors to enjoy food. Bring a light sweater to El Valle and prepare for a culinary and tranquil experience as you discover why this has become Panama´s popular weekend retreat.

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