Keyword: Adventure | Nature | Wildlife | Aquatic
Ideal for:  Families | Couples | Adventure Seekers | Nature Lovers
Best Time of Year: Year-round (though the water lines of some rivers are optimal for kayaking during the rainy season)
Most Popular Destinations: Chiriquí, Panama Canal, Bocas Del Toro, Golfo de Chiriquí
Related Activities: Rafting

There is no better way to experience the stunning natural beauty of the Panamanian landscape than by kayak. Panama is home to some of the mightiest rivers in Central America, but the country also has more than its fair share of tranquil lakes and of course oceans for exploring too. Whether you want to test your skills on a raging waterway winding through a cloud forest or savor a picturesque sunset from the middle of a peaceful lake, the memories of a kayaking expedition in Panama will stay with you for a lifetime.

When it comes to the ultimate kayaking destination in Panama, the Chiriquí River is tough to beat. One reason this waterway is so popular with rafters and kayakers is that the intensity of the river’s current can change quite dramatically from one stretch to the next, making it the ideal place to begin your kayaking adventure or hone your skills if you’re an experienced kayaker. With breathtaking scenery and a diverse array of wildlife, Chiriquí is an unforgettable destination for a kayaking trip. Some parts of Chiriquí are only suitable for kayaking during the rainy season when rivers are full and rapidly flowing.

Destination Breakdown

Bocas del Toro

Kayaking around the Caribbean in Bocas del Toro is a great way to explore the sheltered inland bays, 300+ tiny islets and paddle between islands. Absorb wildlife and island hop. Take a trip to an indigenous school of the Ngöbe-Buglé by the form of transportation of most students. Explore mangroves. An experienced guide can help orient you to these islands, with several tours offered in the area.

Best Time to Visit: Year-round

Chiriquí & The Highlands

The Chiriquí River and its tributaries are ideal for kayaking. There are a range of conditions along this mighty waterway, from gentle currents to powerful rapids, making it an ideal destination for inexperienced and expert kayakers alike. Sea kayaking in the Gulf of Chiriqui also makes for a fantastic day-trip from Boquete and a memorable experience in your travels.

Best Time to Visit: December-March

Panama City

One of the country’s most famous feats of maritime engineering, the Panama Canal, is also a hotspot for kayaking adventures. Many tour companies offer guided excursions along this world-famous waterway, and the views can be truly remarkable. If you’ve never set foot in a kayak before, the Panama Canal is the perfect place to try it, because unlike natural rivers like the Chiriquí, the current of the Panama Canal is much gentler, making for a smoother ride.

Best Time to Visit: Year-round

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