Situated just 8 degrees above the equator, Panama has an incredibly tropical climate with periods of rain and sunshine alternating throughout the year. Like many other Central American countries, Panama experiences two seasons: wet and dry. Temperatures vary little month to month, while rainfall and humidity can greatly differ depending on the season. Panama also has destinations that enjoy a more stable climate year round, such as the refreshing highland sweater weather of Boquete, and remain largely unaffected by these seasonal changes.

Panama’s ¨summer,¨ also know as ¨dry season¨ lasts from December to April. Summer entails hot sunny days with mostly blue skies, cool nighttime breezes, and starlit skies. It is common to go through most of this season without a single drop of rain, guaranteeing tans and outdoor events. Because this season occurs during the cold winters of the North Hemisphere, Panamanian summers attract thousands of tourists who flock to the beaches of the Pacific and Caribbean.

¨Winter,¨ also known as ¨green season¨ or ¨rainy season¨ takes place the remaining portion of the year, mostly from May to just before Christmas. Winter mostly means warm days with hazy skies and short, refreshing bursts of afternoon downpours and/or thunderstorms. It fuels the vegetation to stay green and is one of the most picturesque times of year. Temperatures still remain with days as warm to hot and nights much cooler: temperatures range from 32ºC ( 90ºF) during the daytime to 21ºC (70ºF), as they do almost year-round. With these pleasant temperatures, it is still possible to take a trip to the beach or explore other regions of Panama´s less tropical regions and have an enjoyable stay.

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