It can be challenging to accurately generalize weather in Panama, as it depends on the season and most especially the region. Panama City is mostly warm and humid, comparable to Miami in climate. Air conditioning is widely used throughout the year, from taxis, hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. It is recommended to carry a light sweater during the day. Walking the city at noon can be uncomfortable, but the early mornings and evenings are refreshingly pleasant. Beach towns and islands enjoy warm temperatures, and a nice breeze and lower humidity on some islands are enjoyable for beach-goers.

Panama’s climate is typically know as ¨wet¨ and ¨dry.¨ Rainy season, which extends from May to early December, is characterized by its short bursts of rain that fuel Panama’s luscious greenery. Panama is out of the famous hurricane zone so no need to worry about those types of storms dampening your trip. Dry season, or summer, goes from December to April and is the most popular time for travel because of the warm weather. February and March are the hottest months while October is typically cooler.

Temperatures and conditions vary according to region. The Azuero Peninsula, for example, has a unique less humid climate with little rainfall, nicknamed Arco Seco, ¨Dry Arch.¨ It features a dry rainforest on the West Coast and a long dry season. A man-made desert lies in the Northeastern portion of the peninsula, called the Sarigua desert, formed from the constant grazing and cultivation of the land for thousands of years. El Valle and the Chiriqui Province, on the other hand, are both at a higher elevation and enjoy cooler temperatures and a distinctively comfortable climate, pleasant for outdoor activities. The year-round stability in weather provides lush vegetation and agricultural favorability for strawberries, coffee and even citrus fruits. The Caribbean and Atlantic coasts tend to be more inconsistent to typical dry/wet season weather and fluctuate between rain and sun. The Pacific side generally enjoys less rain, making another great option for beach trips at any time of year.

In short, as weather in Panama is never too extreme or unmanageable, and with accessibility to many other zones with a different forecast, travel choices are endless.


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