With one island for every day of the year (and more) along with two hundred miles of coral reefs, the San Blas archipelago is a paradise of white sand beaches and transparent waters. The pristine nature of this Caribbean coastline is home to the rich history of the Guna Indians, one of Panama’s indigenous tribes, whom supplement the area in its preservation and colorful way of life. The Guna warmly welcome visitors in their traditional dress to share in their day-to-day activities, music, food and art. Explore the aboriginal customs and practices and acquire one of their famous handmade molas, a colorful cloth piece hand-sewn by the tribe´s women.

Snorkel, dive  and sail on the popular islands of Nargana, Corazón de Jesús, Wichuwala, Nalunanega, Ailigandi and Iskardup, or find an island of your own, as only 10% of the islands are inhabited. Hold star fish and lobsters larger than you have ever imagined, and beach comb for shells for the island’s range of creatures. Restaurants and locals fish for the catch of the day for lunch and dinner. San Blas is a must-see restorative experience of natural beauty.

**Regional Note: While the archipelago is commonly referred to as the ¨San Blas Islands,¨ it is today officially named ¨Guna Yala,¨ and for the past decade has also been referred to as the ¨Kuna Yala.¨  The Panamanian government recognized the official name change in October 2011 when the Guna people, the governing authority of this reservation, claimed that their indigenous language does not have a ¨K¨ and should therefore be ¨Guna Yala.¨

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