Tocumen International Airport is the most important airport in Panama and – with two working runways – the busiest in the Central American region. Its first incarnation was inaugurated shortly after WWII (until then US army airstrips had served as the only airports). The airport began operations before it was completed in the early 1950s. With the advent of larger aircrafts, Tocumen underwent a renovation in 1971 and was finished in 1978.

After going through a name change for a decade, the airport reverted to Tocumen in 1990, following the Panama Invasion. The airport is a hub for flights traveling to North and South America, with a few European cities added in the mix. The cities of Miami, Bogota and San Jose are the three busiest routes served by the airport.

Tocumen International Airport is home to COPA Airlines, Panama’s flag carrier, which also has become the largest airline in the region (after El Salvador based TACA). With flights to the most prominent destinations in the region, COPA is a great example of the forward-looking Panamanian industry.

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