Whether you’re planning a trip to Panama at the height of dry season or heading over during green season, you’ll find a world of exciting activities just waiting to be explored. Did you know that you can tan on the beach even when rain is forecasted? What about a good kayaking adventure- what makes for a good ride? When is the best time to go to the beach…and to which beach? Talk to one of our travel consultants to find out which activities and destinations might be right for you during your travel dates, and check out our guidelines below. Just remember: the best time to visit Panama really depends on what you plan to do and where you plan to visit. Don’t let a forecast misguide you.

Dry Season

Mid-December to mid-April (sometimes May) is Panama’s dry season, and this is when most people choose to visit the country. Although some regions, such as Panama City and the provinces south of the Continental Divide, don’t tend to see much rain during these months, other parts of the country experience such as Panama’s cloud forests stay moist with a mountain mist (called bajareque) and plenty of rainbows year-round.

Temperatures are higher and conditions a little drier between December and April, so brace yourself for the heat and lots of fellow visitors. Fortunately, even at the height of the tourist season, you’ll still be able to find plenty of secluded beaches, romantic coves and many exciting activities to enjoy, no matter how busy it gets!

Rainy Season

The heavy precipitation Panama experiences during the rainy season also makes some parts of the country particularly beautiful during this time. Something else to remember is that, despite the name of the season, it doesn’t rain constantly in Panama between late April and late November all throughout the country. As with other Central American countries, it’s more common to experience several hours of rain followed by sunny spells than constant downpours, so you might not want to rule out a trip to Panama during the rainy season. In fact, it’s still possible to enjoy the pristine beaches of Panama and even work on your tan during the rainy season, particularly in Pedasí, as well as some of the country’s Pacific beaches.

Certain activities are actually best during the rainy season. Rafting along Panama’s many rivers can be better between April and December, as the rains elevate the rivers’ waters. In addition, some of the best surfing destinations along the Caribbean Coast, such as Bocas del Toro, are best tackled during the rainy season, as the coastal swells are largely dependent on the low pressure systems common during this time of year.

Panama is a spectacular country to visit year-round. Before planning your vacation to Panama, think about the kinds of things you want to do, and make sure the weather will be agreeable during your stay.


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