You might have heard of Panama, but are not sure where is Panama, the southernmost country of Central America. Officially known (and referred to) as The Republic of Panama, Panama borders Colombia (and South America) to the southeast and Costa Rica (and North America) to the northwest. It shares a coastline with the Caribbean Sea, and Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Panama is an S-shaped isthmus (a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas), bridging North and South America, and commonly referred to as the ¨Crossroads of the Americas”. The 82-km (51-mi) Panama Canal bisects the Isthmus of Panama and connects the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) with the Pacific Ocean, one of the most important maritime shipping routes in the world. Panama has the unique distinction of the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean and set over the Atlantic.

Panama is slightly smaller than the U.S. state of South Carolina and slightly larger than the Canadian province of New Brunswick at 75,517 km² (29,157 mi²). The country runs from east to west with a length of 772 km (480 mi) and 60,177 km (37,110 mi) in width. This means it can take as little as one hour to drive from ocean to ocean. Panama´s capital and largest city, Panama City, is located on the Pacific coastline of the country. The second largest city, Colón, is located on the Atlantic. Panama lies 9° north of the equator, making the average day typically with 12 hours of daylight and a diverse, tropical rainforest climate.

A 2.5 hour flight from Miami, 5 hours from Toronto and 10 hours from Madrid, Panama is a well-connected, centrally-located destination.

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