With Panama´s natural beauty and healing properties, instructors have found a home to share this deeply healing, mind-body connection in yoga studios, retreats and private classes throughout the country. Panama City offers many rooftop yoga classes, renowned in Casco Viejo, and studios popular in neighborhoods Punta Paitilla and El Cangrejo hold workshops and classes specific to stress, weight loss, cancer, prenatal care, teens, mediation and more. Many instructors are also available to come to hotels, residences and workplaces for private sessions and reasonable rates.

El Valle is another preferred destination by yogis. The healing volcanic clay and thermal pools inherent in this fertile valley, combined with the lush sounds of nature, have spawned a sanctuary for mediation, prolonged asanas (poses), and concentrated breathing techniques. Local retreats also incorporate organic, healthy eating, workshops, reiki and massage.

Beach towns like Bocas del Toro, Pedasí and Venao also harness the calming energy and views of ocean, greenery and sand for daily yoga classes, either in one of the open-air studios or per private instructor at home. Classes can cost as little as $3.00, especially outside of Panama’s capital. Many yoga teachers are Panama-born natives who have studied and lived outside of Panama, and are fully bilingual, well-traveled and certified. Many expatriates have also opened up their own practices as well as teach independently.

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