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Ideal for:  Families | Couples | Adventure Seekers | Nature Lovers
Best Time of Year: Year-round
Most Popular Destinations: Boquete, El Valle
Related Activities: Hiking, National Park Tours

Canopy tours are a thrilling way to see the forests of Panama from a bird’s eye view. Tour operators attach large platforms to some of the tallest trees in the forest, and connect these raised platforms with ziplines. After ascending a ladder to reach the first platform, you’ll be strapped into a secure harness that cinches around your legs, waist and torso. Now, it’s time to fly! You’ll soar between these platforms along ziplines, passing high over the ground below, moving swiftly through the lush green canopy of the forest. Some canopy tours pass over other natural features like deep canyons, mighty rivers and tranquil lagoons, making these tours the most exciting way to experience Panama’s stunning scenery.

Contrary to popular misconception, you don’t need to be particularly athletic to enjoy a canopy ziplining tour. As long as you’re in reasonably good health, you can take a canopy tour. Just be ready for an incredible ride and be sure to chat with one of our travel consultants for more details.

Destination Breakdown

Chiriquí & The Highlands

Some of the best canopy ziplining tours are located in Boquete. The cloud forests of this region are ideal for ziplining adventures, and there are several different tour companies that offer opportunities to engage in this thrilling activity.

Best Time to Visit: Year-round

Panama Canal Region

Another excellent spot for canopy ziplining is Portobelo, located on Panama’s northern coast. The forests that surround this UNESCO World Heritage Site are particularly lush and ideal for canopy ziplining tours. Our excursions to Portobelo depart from Panama City by bus, making this exciting activity easily accessible for guests staying in the nation’s capital.

Best Time to Visit: Year-round

El Valle de Antón

Another excellent area for canopy ziplining is El Valle, located in the second-largest volcanic crater in the world, in the province of Coclé. The cloud forests here are particularly verdant, and some of the country’s most exotic wildlife inhabits these areas, including the rare “golden frog,” an endangered species of amphibian found nowhere else in the world.

Best Time to Visit: Year-round

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