Plenty of travelers prefer inclusive and all-inclusive hotels for the array of amenities they provide for families, couples or even if you are traveling solo. For anyone seeking a trip with minimal decision-making and maximum enjoyment, an inclusive experience can be the right fit. While Panama is not yet a ¨go-to¨ location for all-inclusive resorts, the more popular array of semi-inclusive (meals only) hotels and resorts is in demand. Read more to see if this is the right type of holiday for you, and our travel recommendations.

All-inclusive resorts present a different type of vacation: a display of all-you-can-eat meals and snacks, bottomless cocktails (including non-alcoholic beverages), daily activities, play areas for the kids, nightly entertainment, and sometimes even cigarettes are included. Many of Panama’s all-inclusive resort communities (and vacation homes of Panama’s wealthiest families) are located less than 2 hours from Panama City on Panama’s Pacific Rivera, but a growing number are popping up around the country. Popa Paradise is a favorite location in Bocas del Toro, and offers an excellent fusion of all-inclusive amenities with additional opportunities for entertainment and activities throughout the archipelago.

Families tend to lean towards this type of resort-oriented vacation, although couples can enjoy a trip like this as well. Waterslides, arts and crafts keep kids entertained and busy. Swim-up bars for the adults are fun, and nightlife, from a Panamanian folklore show to dancing on the beach at the disco, is great for couples too. The schedule is more leisurely for you to lounge poolside and enjoy a mindless break. Most beachfront resorts tend to be self-sufficient for your enjoyment—created to provide all the entertainment (or peace and quiet) you are seeking—and the surrounding area tends to offer limited activities. Talking with a travel consultant can help you decide if this is the right trip for you.

Sometimes the best fusion of an all-inclusive resort is a semi-inclusive hotel, meaning that meals are included. This type of plan can be convenient for travelers, who want to stay in the comfort of their hotel surroundings and grab a bite to eat. Enjoy a Caribbean-style fish as you watch the sunset from your bungalow, homemade waffles in your pajamas or dessert from the patio after you returned from the spa. These boutique hotels and lodges tend to be intimate and friendly, so the chef will get to know you in no time and whip up your favorite dish from local ingredients.

It is good to know what type of vacation and amenities you are seeking, and speaking with a travel consultant that can help talk out your needs can truly help. While you have the option to email us, if you are sincerely interested in an inclusive vacation package we suggest you give us a call at 1-800-237-3237. Let us help you plan to enjoy the right type of relaxing vacation.