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From family-friendly destinations to honeymoon heavens, bustling city entertainment to Amerindian-dominated islands, seaside to mountainside, Panama’s diversity encourages exploration. Dip your toes in both the Atlantic and the Caribbean in less than an hour, and hike through Panama’s cloud forests after a night on the town: any location in Panama can be reached in less than a day. Take a look at our favorite hot spots, and decide what’s on your bucket list first to visit!

  • Pearl Islands

    Pearl Islands

    A celebrity retreat, Survivor CBS TV series film location and featured in Condé Nast and Travel & Leisure magazines, the Pearl Islands (El archipiélago de las Perlas) are comprised of more than 100 mostly small and uninhabited islands...

  • Panama City

    Panama City

    Panama City is the capital and largest city in Panama. It is located on the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal in the province of Panama which has made it a hub for economic and political activity in the region.

  • San Blas Islands

    San Blas Islands

    With one island for every day of the year (and more) along with two hundred miles of coral reefs, the San Blas archipelago is a paradise of white sand beaches and transparent waters. The pristine nature of this Caribbean coastline is...

  • Portobelo


    Once the greatest Spanish port city in Central America during the gold trade, Portobelo succumbed to piracy in the 16th and 17th centuries, now left with ruins of colonial fortifications and legends that pervade the seaside air.

  • Coronado


    With Coronado´s convenient 1-hour proximity to Panama City, this coastal city is home to Panama’s first resort. The ready-made infrastructure is advantageous to tourists and weekenders seeking the modern conveniences of city-life...

  • Pedasí


    Pedasí (pronounced ¨peh-da-SEE¨) is the gateway to the Tuna Coast, located at the southern portion of Panama´s Azuero Peninsula, surrounded by Pacific waters. Both an adventure destination for avid fisherman and local pescador...

  • Santa Clara

    Santa Clara

    The beaches of Santa Clara are renowned for their pristine beauty and yearlong perfect weather. Located a few hours away from other popular destinations, like Panama City and El Valle de Antón, Santa Clara is located in the Panamanian...

  • El Valle de Antón

    El Valle de Antón

    One of the most inhabited volcanic valleys in the world, El Valle de Antón (commonly referred to as ¨El Valle¨) is a quaint and charming 7 square-mile village that has thrived to become a one-of-a-kind resort. El Valle is most...

  • Boca Chica

    Boca Chica

    Boca Chica is a coastal town located on the Panamanian Pacific within the province of Chiriqui. This province is famous for its micro-climates, which can literally change from hour to hour. Boca Chica is conveniently located near other...

  • Boquete


    The refreshingly cooler temperatures, scenic location and natural beauty of the green mountain highlands of Boquete (pronounced ¨bo-KET-eh¨) make the region a popular retirement spot and tourist attraction for Panamanians and...

  • Bocas del Toro

    Bocas del Toro

    The Bocas del Toro province is one of the most popular destinations in Panama, most especially frequented for its´ surfing and scuba diving.