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Cities and Towns

Cities and Towns

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Outside the melting pot of Panama’s capital, the nation’s smaller towns and cities reflect the essence of tradition and hospitality, upholding a slower pace of everyday living that balances the rhythm behind city life. Most of activity in Panama’s small towns and cities hovers around the central plaza, evidence of a colonial past. Quaint, charming, picturesque, ideal — these affectionate terms truly characterize the rhythm of daily living and sincerity of these communities.


  • Veraguas


    The province of Veraguas covers 10,677 km² and is the only Panamanian province that borders both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Veraguas´ capital is Santiago de Veraguas, famous for its architecture and historic buildings including...

  • Panama’s Capital: Panama City

    Panama’s Capital: Panama City

    Panama City, Panama is one of those places that is perhaps best explained by using the various nicknames it has earned over the centuries. Some historians call it “the movable city” because it has relocated several times during the...

  • Volcán


    Nicknamed ¨Pequeña Suiza¨ (Little Switzerland), this small village opposite of Boquete on the western slopes of Volcán Barú has been on the rise for investment and tourism over the past decade.

  • Chitré


    Chitré (pronounced chee-TRE) is the capital of Herrera, one of the nine Panamanian provinces. 3.5 hours (a $6.00 bus ride) from Panama City, Chitré forms part of the Azuero Peninsula, a region known for its´ charming, mellow,...

  • David


    Less than an hour flight from Panama City and 31 mi (50 km) from the Costa Rican border, David (pronounced ¨dah-VEED¨) is the third largest city in Panama and capital of Chiriqui, one of Panama´s richest provinces.

  • Las Tablas

    Las Tablas

    Las Tablas is the capital of the Panamanian province of Los Santos, as well as a district. Located on the Azuero peninsula a few kilometers from Pacific Ocean beaches and 3.5 hours from Panama City, Las Tablas is the cradle of...

  • Penonomé


    Located in the middle of the country roughly 2 hours from Panama City, Penonomé (pronounced pay-noh-noh-MAY) is the capital of the province of Coclé. The city’s very name reflects the encounter between Spanish colonists and...

  • Aguadulce


    Aguadulce both refers to a district and city in the province of Coclé located 2.5 hours, 120 miles, from Panama City. The region is best known for its´ production of sugar and salt from the vast sugar cane fields and salt flats that...

  • Santiago de Veraguas

    Santiago de Veraguas

    Capital (called “cabecera” among locals) of the province of Veraguas, Santiago and officially known as ¨Santiago de Veraguas,¨ Santiago is located about 3 hours outside of Panama City on a straight-shot along the Pan-American highway